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Are you a trashy report or an important tool in your business? Power BI provides the answers you are looking for

  The office cabinet is full of old office supplies.   I also added a non-functioning keyboard and a mouse to our cabinet.   The same old thought of  "I might have to this sometime later"  still plagues us digitally. Information systems, like physical objects, will eventually become obsolete.   This is true for all reports, metrics and reporting platforms. Many times, when implementing a new system is underway, old structures are still in use.   In the last few hours of the resource-spending process, it can become weeks, months, and finally years.   In case you still need something. Do not fall for the trap of thinking that something will come later. It is easy to shut down a server, reporting service or database.   Even so, it is possible to miss crucial strategic decisions.   It is not easy to determine if a system serves a purpose. Similar questions arise when a new system is implemented.   Is everyone using the new system, or just trying it out?   Do all of the reports ge

Six Ecommerce Tools that will help you bring your local business to where your customers are: online

Small businesses can be difficult to run, especially if they have a physical location.   Those who can adapt their capacity to thrive in difficult times will be able to compete with the rest.   You'll need to know where to begin if you want to offer more online sales opportunities to your customers, despite additional restrictions and draconian mandates. You have many options to make your website ecommerce-ready.   This post will provide some helpful tips to help you set up ecommerce tools for your website. Local businesses can use simple digital solutions This section is for those who don't have a website.   This section is for those who already have a website and are looking for an easier way to design and manage it.   In recent years there has been a boom in automating once arduous and frustrating digital processes, one of those being the creation and maintenance of websites.   You would have needed to either hire a web developer to create your site, or learn how to do it yo

Are You Ready for Mobile-First Indexing? 5 Things to Check Now

  The recent history of “mobile-first” algorithm updates is a busy one. Over the last several years, Google has made a deliberate effort to not only return more accurate search results for queries made on mobile devices, but also to prioritize rankings based on which websites   perform   best on mobile devices. We had  Mobilegeddon  back in 2015, when Google made mobile-friendliness a  factor for ranking in the search results . We had the  Speed Update  in 2018, when mobile  speed  became a ranking factor. And this spring, the  Page Experience Update  will be rolling out and is due to make mobile-friendliness, stability, and interactivity vital ranking signals (more on  Core Web Vitals  here). Also slotted for this spring is the completion of Google's plan to switch all sites on the web over to mobile-first indexing. But what exactly is mobile-first indexing? And how does it differ from (or relate to) some of these other algorithm updates Google has launched in the past? And how ca

Three Things You Must Do to Show True Inclusion and Diversity in your Marketing

  A majority of Americans feel underrepresented in media and marketing campaigns. This is why brands are more interested in how they are responding to the changing social landscape in America.   Diversity marketing, which recognizes and actively includes all groups of people who come in contact with ads, is now a cornerstone. Image Source Although the terms 'inclusion' or 'diversity' may seem to create an image of a broad audience, diversifying marketing strategies should be tailored to reach specific audiences and meet them where they will be most likely to come in contact with your brand.   There are many ways that your brand can embrace diversity, even if it is not being acknowledged or appreciated.   We'll be covering three of these in this post: Diversify your team Conduct market research Your customers should be heard Three ways diversity can be incorporated into your marketing strategies It has become increasingly important that a company is  socially aware