Five Shipping Strategies to Keep Customers Satisfied and Protect Profits

Shipping should be free for all except for a few large retailers.   Shipping companies and business owners know this doesn't make any sense.   Shipping is expensive, and will always be.   Someone  must pay. 36% of online customers abandon a purchase because they don’t want to pay shipping. It doesn't matter what carrier you use -- USPS or UPS, FedEx or any other -- free shipping will always cost you money.   It doesn't matter if other businesses offer free shipping, it doesn’t mean that you should.   You want to find a shipping strategy that is both profitable and pleasing to customers. Also, everyone wins when you have a shipping strategy. You have three options when you are just starting to learn  shipping methods, and fulfillment . These are the flat rates, variable rates, and free shipping.   There is a lot to choose from. Prices can vary greatly between major carriers depending on several factors. Let's work together to find the best shipping strategy and tools for

How to easily back up and restore WooCommerce

Backups -- It's a scary word.   It's easy to think about how much time you have wasted on manual, complicated processes that involve databases and FTP directories. All of this is a lie that we are happy to bust.   It's  thanks modern plugins, it's now   fast and incredibly  simple to make backups of WooCommerce and to restore them when necessary. Backups are essential for your store and data.   You might not be aware of how to make and manage backups without causing you headaches. We'll show you today.   Continue reading to learn how  Jetpack backup  can help you back up your store and how to restore it in an emergency. Backups are important and what you should do if you need them You might have noticed this notice on your Plugins Page if you've recently updated WooCommerce. These are major updates that make it important to keep backups of your WooCommerce website .   We expect that the update process will go smoothly. However, it is impossible to predict what t

How to Use Pinterest to Market Products

Marketing is key to increasing sales. You have a product that's great and WooCommerce stores that are top-notch.   Pinterest is a great way to increase sales, whether you want to reach new customers or encourage existing customers to buy again. Let's look at the reasons Pinterest is a great eCommerce marketing tool, and how we can make it work for us. Pinterest is a great place to start eCommerce. There are many ways to market your products online. These include email, social media, paid advertisements, and even paid advertising.   Why not include Pinterest in your marketing strategy? Pinterest, which currently ranks as the  third most popular social platform  in America, has more than 335 million users.   Pinterest is especially popular among women, particularly moms, and people who come from high-income families.   If your target audience matches these characteristics, then it could be a good fit for your company. Most importantly, 48% of Pinterest users shop, which is much m