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How manufacturers and distributors are responding to post-pandemic labor shortages

  How manufacturers and distributors are responding to post-pandemic labor shortages Manufacturers and distributors faced with exploding demand or shortages, 2020 was a difficult year.   The skilled worker shortage will not go away as markets, factories, warehouses, offices, and offices expand. According to June 2021  US Bureau of Labor Statistics data , manufacturing added 15,000 jobs but employment is still down by 481,000 from the February 2020 number.   Transportation and warehouse added 11,000 jobs, but the number is still 94,000 less over that same period.   Deloitte projects that the annual loss in manufacturing GDP could reach $454 billion if the industry cannot fill the anticipated jobs by 2028. [ Source ] Whatever the root causes, the shortage of labor is forcing employers to be creative in their hiring practices.   In this post, we will discuss how B2B companies have changed their hiring processes and invested in employees to meet the challenges of talent shortages.   We wil

Magento Open Source Community: Page Builder Content Authoring

  Magento Open Source Community: Page Builder Content Authoring Digital commerce success is based on providing customer experiences that increase conversion, retention, and average order value.   Businesses selling to B2C or B2B customers need to create engaging content. Adobe Commerce customers have achieved superior results by providing tailored shopping experiences for all users.   Intelligent commerce capabilities like Product Recommendations and  Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei , along with advanced experience management tools found only in Adobe Commerce keep our customers ahead of the growing expectations of consumers and business buyers alike. The ability to quickly develop and deliver new content is essential for online business.   We will make Page Builder available to all of our merchants across both Adobe Commerce as well as Magento Open Source.   Merchants who begin on Magento Open Source will now have access to Page Builder's simple-to-use WYSIWYG content writing
  Adapting To Changing Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior has changed in ways that we could not have imagined since March 2020.   People ate differently. They opted to eat at home over dining out. Many people went months without seeing their family or friends. And they shop differently.   Retail workers had to overcome many obstacles to survive. While many small businesses were able navigate these challenges, others might not have been so fortunate.   The ones who persevered used a variety of creative strategies to meet demand and reach consumers via the right channel, which was online.   Indie retailers must continue to adapt to changing consumer behavior now that some parts of the globe are returning to normality. Habits both Changed and Flux Despite the optimism surrounding relaxed restrictions in the U.S., and other countries, the effects of the pandemic remain fresh in consumers' minds.   While brick-and-mortar shops are slowly opening up again, ecommerce has gained more mome
  Enjoy Peace in Your Body with Nature's Fusions Nature's Fusions Essential Oils, LLC has a range of natural products that soothe the body, mind, and soul.   Their merchandise is all third-party lab tested and ethically sourced. They are also gluten and soy-free, which gives your customers peace of mind and allows them to unwind. The Forever Guarantee and Quality Integrity Nature's Fusions, a Christian family-owned business, is run by Lori Peterson with her two sons CJ and Matt.   The company's products have all been certified cruelty-free, vegan, and non-GMO.   Since the company was founded as a family-owned business, they treat all customers like family. This includes a lifetime guarantee for any product they sell, even hemp.   Any product can be returned at any time, for any reason. After the U.S. Farm Bill passed in 2018, Nature's Fusions started producing hemp products.   They offer Hemp Extract in topicals, water-soluble, and regular oil tinctures.   They also