What Costs Are Associated with a POS System?

 Have you started looking at POS options, or has your research been happening for months now? Irrespective of where you are in the process, you could know about the financial investment that includes buying a point of sale system.

Luckily, if you put money into a point of sale system that's the ideal match, the hardware and software will pay for itself due to how much it is helping your company. While point of sale system costs and payment options differ, we can help give you an overall idea of what to expect.

Are Monthly Payments Required?

The brief answer is no -- monthly payments aren't required with ConnectPOS. You may benefit from several choices that have monthly payments, but it depends on what your company needs. It's well worth a conversation with one of our product specialists to see which choice will be most beneficial. Following are a few quick references that could help you make a choice!

Local Database Program

If you're contemplating local database software, there's the choice to pay for everything up front with no ongoing fees or monthly payments. This is terrific for the company owner that wishes to have the system outright! You could even rent with a buyout option, that's the most flexible option available. This permits you to try out the solution with minimal risk and no obligation at a much lower upfront cost. Lastly, the complete system can be broken down into monthly payments using a conventional lease.

Cloud-Based Software

You have probably heard of cloud applications, which is a excellent solution for business owners who wish to work remotely. Even though a cloud-based software will have a continuing monthly payment, many business owners think that remote access is well worth the monthly fee. You may check on your company from any computer which has internet -- and there is an app for your cell phone! Together with our cloud-based solution, you have the option to buy the hardware in complete and pay for the software month to month or cover for the hardware and software on a monthly basis.

If you're considering the particular costs related to each payment option, have a look at our pricing page -- or even better, get in contact with a product specialist to walk through your choices.

Can I Have My Point of Sale System?

Like monthly payments, this is based upon the option you select. If you split the cost of the whole point of sale system into monthly payments, you don't possess the hardware or software. If you go the route of paying for your hardware in complete and making payments on your applications month to month, then you have the hardware -- not the program. And if you decide to pay for the whole point of sale system up front with local database applications, then you have the hardware and applications with no monthly charges attached.

Picking a Cost-Effective POS System

Every point of sale business has different pricing and payment choices. But unlike ConnectPOS, most other companies will ask that you make monthly payments -- no matter which sort of software is supplied. You will probably have to sign a contract also, locking you into their solutions for a substantial quantity of time. Our clients love the choices we have, the flexibility of paying for them, and also the ability to change their mind at any moment.

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